About Us

PROLIGHTS is a brand established in 2001. The brand concentrates its focus in the design and manufacture of lighting technologies and professional video products for events, TV and architectural. The company still maintains in Italy its main R&D centerthat lead product development and coordinates the activities of production and external R&D units.
PROLIGHTS is experiencing a sustained growth in all sectors, with products that can be found in stages, concert halls and studios all over the world. M&L founder/owner Francesco Sorabella, and his son Fabio are both still actively involved in the day-to-day running of the company and very committed in the development of products.

VISION: Connected to customers

“Our vision is to listen our customer and deliver them great products to improve their work experience” The PROLIGHTS products are conceived and designed with the aim of providing a solution to those "unresolved problems" and follow the wishes of the industry operators by a feedback collection program and assisting customers and partners during operations on the road. The philosophy behind the development of the products is to deliver solutions that can resonate, inspire, and provide to our customers more than they expect.

MISSION: We aim for the excellence

We believe to provide the best and most innovative products, services, and solutions to the markets we serve. We set high standards, then help our people, suppliers and partners meet them. Last but not least is a constant care and dedication to an high-class product design, characteristic of the Italian origins of the company.

About Prolights

In the mid 80’, an 18 year old technical institute student pitched the wish to make his mark in the technologies for entertainment industry. With this ambition and determination, in the 1990 after his military service, Francesco Sorabella current CEO and owner, founded Music & Lights S.r.l. The successive quarter of century has brought the company to become one of the most valuable manufacturer worldwide in the Professional Lighting, Audio and Video industry. Now the company employs over 100 people across the globe and the products are sold in over 70 countries through a wide network of distributors and service centers. The success of the company was lead by developing great products, and making them accessible to everyone, supported by a 24/7 technical and customer service that is always near to customers.

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