15 February 2016

Prolights, with Circus Maximus at Rockefeller Music hall in Oslo!


Saturday 6.2, Norwegian prog metal band Circus Maximus was on stage in front of a packed crowd at Rockefeller Music hall in Oslo. The occasion was the release of their 4th full length album “Havoc”, and the band delivered a stunning performance with world class prog metal covering material from their complete back catalogue, in addition to new material.
With support from Norwegian Prolights distributor Prostage, the in-house lighting system was boosted by the addition of 8 pcs. Jade, 8 pcs. Diamond19 and 8 pcs.  Air6Pix all controlled light engineer Kristoffer Silden.
Silden, who is an experienced light engineer with vast experience with all major lighting brands, was impressed with the performance of all the Prolight products, and he put on a fantastic show combining the in-house system with the additional Prolight fixtures.
Circus Maximus will tour Europe later this year.