15 November 2016

Prolights bring the color to Alessandra Amoroso’s "Vivere a colori" tour


October 7-8 – Prolights fixtures joined Alessandra Amoroso on stage at the Theatre Palapartenope in Naples, Italy, for the premier of her exciting new "Vivere a colori" (Living Color) tour. 

Renowned lighting designer, Francesco De Cave’s stunning design featured a host of Prolights fixtures including 12 LUMA1500 LED Moving Spots, 30 STARK1000   Moving Wash, 42 RAZOR440 Hybrid fixtures, as well as 24 SUNRISE4 LED blinders and 22 UNICO beamlights. The tour was supplied by leading Italian rental company Rooster, who also supplied the Protruss and Antari HZ500 haze machines. 

Discussing his design choices, Francesco commented: "The challenge was grueling .... a tour whose name is "Vivere a colori (Living Color)", can not disappoint the expectations it creates. I already knew the LUMA1500 would deliver from an earlier tour, to which we added the RAZOR440 hybrid fixture and the fantastic new STARK1000. The STARK really impressed me, it is incredibly bright, and the colors and FX are stunning, making it an incredibly flexible fixture... the show can only benefit from it".

Luca Modesti, the tours Lighting Director, commented "The new generation Prolights fixtures really deliver on both performance and reliability. I had already had the opportunity to use the LUMA1500 Spot (I used it in on several Modà tours) and love its colors, with its powerful even beam.  Equally impressive is the RAZOR, the optics deliver a really precise and defined beam that just cuts through. The STARK1000 is brilliant, it is so flexible. You use it with just a single LED even with the units positioned at 13mt from the ground. I like their versatility and its creative use in design.”