10 August 2017

Prolights rocks in “Battiti Live 2017”


The 15th edition of the RadioNorba format has debuted on July 16th in Bari and will tour around Puglia over 5 dates (Bari, Nardò, Andria, Melfi and Taranto). This will be the first edition broadcasted on Mediaset TV and probably artistically and technically one of the most interesting events in its show schedule during the Summer. 
Several of the most notorious Italian artists will alternate on stage, such as Fiorella Mannoia, Nek, Nina Zilli, Gigi D'Alessio, Francesco Gabbani, Baby K, Alex Britti, Bianca Atzei, Lenny, Mario Venuti, Jasmine Thompson and many more. 
The Stage has been entirely designed by Massimo Pascucci, also in charge of  direction of photography: "The show - explains Pascucci - will also be broadcasted by Mediaset, so there's need to design a show suitable for both the Live Audience and with great quality in camera considering that it will be displayed all over the country. The light plot - continues Pascucci - is quite rich, given the inventory of Rooster (rental company involved in the stage construction and supply for technologies): almost all the fixtures supplied are ProLights projectors; I was impressed by the punch of the Luma1500SP spot with its 440W LED: The LUMAs were installed on the towers behind the stage control station, so at about thirty meters from the scenery, and I was able to get the desired amount of intensity for the Cameras. On the stage I required Razor440 and Stark1000 + 400 as main lighing fixtures for the show, and I have to say that I extremely enjoyed the flexibility of such hybrid fixtures both featuring an exceptional Zoom range from 3° to 50°. 
Emilio Lombardi, Rooster Technical Director: "we've been providing the complete package of technologies including audio, lighting and video for this Tour sunce three years already. This year, given our commitment to television, we have been required to offer a higher level of performance and quantities comparing the previous editions. For the lights, being connected to the ProLights brand, having focused our investment in the last years, we mainly used: Unico, Stark400 and Stark1000, Sunrise4, Razor440, Antari GH100 and 500, and the new Luma1500SP LED, with great satisfaction from the director of photography. The LED screens employed are composed by ProLights LEDCompass8, which is an outdoor 8mm pitch outdoor panel, controlled by Nicola Alfonso through an ArKaos media server connected in ArtNet under Digilite Pulse MX console."