18 September 2017

Novatech Creative Event Technology extends its Prolight product range

Novatech Creative Event Technology, based in Adelaide Australia, is one of the country’s leading production companies for corporate, art, concerts and sports events. They are renowned for their collaborative approach & high quality execution of numerous world-class national and international events.
To accomplish the numerous scheduled events, Novatech, which already owns more than 450 Prolights fixtures in its inventory, has recently expanded its stock with the latest generation of battery fixtures such as TABLED-C, SMART-TORCH and SMARTDISK.
Leko Novakovic - Novatech's Managing Director - comments about cooperating with Prolight: "We've been working with Prolights for quite some time now. We started with some small moving heads such as PIXIEBEAM and DIAMOND7 to later expand the equipment with IP65 fixtures such as ARENACOB4FC and STUDIOCOBPLUSFC. Most recently we’ve added the battery powered table fixtures which, I have to admit, were a positive surprise and have been most sought after by our clients "
Wesley Hiscock – Novatech’s Senior Project Manager for Lighting - comments: “Our attention and focus to the market has always been utmost, both in the search of new technologies and in the search of solutions that can make our customers’ events even more unique and exclusive. Since we have expanded our battery products range, the cable problems have disappeared, the installation time has reduced and the logistical aspect has improved. The TabLED-C has surprised all of our clients from the events they have been used on; and we’ve received fantastic feedback from our clients with the absence of all cabling yet the increased functionality that the wireless control allows. The end result is dramatic when the fixture changes color, enhancing the atmosphere of the event. From a more technical point of view, the fixtures perform their work effortlessly with battery life that exceeds our expectations. ... in short everything you expect from a premium product. Equally, the feedback for SmartTorch and SmartDisk have been extremely positive with a great role for the Smart Torch to play in theatre productions."
Fabio Sorabella - Prolights Product Manager - concludes: "It is a pleasure to collaborate with Novatech. They have immediately appreciated the work that has been done on the products, providing us quite a lot of feedback and advice for creating future solutions. It's thanks to this kind of partnership that we can collect the necessary positive contribution and grow the Prolights brand further and successfully.